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09 Oct 2012


Wicked & Wild


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 09 Oct 2012

When you download movies from the Internet, the video files usually have subtitle files in the same folder. But there are times when the subtitle files are not correct or are missing and you have to find them manually on the Internet. Fixing a subtitle file and make it suitable for a certain movie or readable by a specific media device seems like a very difficult task. But when installing SubMagic, these problems are as good as solved.

That's because SubMagic includes numerous tools for working with subtitle files, being able to convert them to different formats, synchronize them with a certain movie file and so on. After the application is installed and launched, the user first needs to import the desired subtitle file into the program's interface. There are numerous formats to choose from, like SUB, SRT and so on. After loading the desired subtitle file, the program will automatically analyze each text line and quickly display errors, if there are any.

By selecting the Fix Errors tab, the user will be able to repair a broken subtitle file using a very large number of options. Some of them may be a bit more difficult to understand by inexperienced computer users. It's best to select all of them and then click on the Fix Now button. Besides fixing subtitle files, SubMagic also allows you to edit all the text lines included inside a subtitle file and customize them freely. This is useful for correcting spelling mistakes.

What's more, SubMagic allows synchronizing a subtitle file or only certain lines from it with the actual dialog from the movie. After editing the subtitle file, the user will be able to test it directly in the program's interface, by loading the actual movie file.


It allows you to correct and edit any subtitle file with ease. Besides that, text lines included inside a subtitle file can be edited separately. Furthermore, subtitles can be easily synchronized with the actual movie. What's more, subtitles can be tested directly in the program's interface, by loading the actual movie file.


Some repair options may not be well understood by first-time computer users. SubMagic allows you to fix any subtitle file and make it perfectly suitable for a certain movie.



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